It's a beautiful day to delight a client.

Outsmart & Outmaneuver Your Competition  

Our clients range from challenger brands to super brands. Opportunities motivate us, not just assignments, and our job is to deliver results. The Allen Associates' model is unique, client-centric and without restrictions. We're experts at executive search,  nimble and will turn on a dime to deliver significant results. We have two decades of experience but move with the spirit of a start-up.  Single focused executive search thoughtfully managed from launch to completion by a Managing Director with the knowledge, insight, and relationships to deliver the most sought-after leaders. 

A Transparent Search Approach

We work as a trusted advisor; our process is rigorous, our counsel is candid and often direct.

The firm’s reputation and approach enable discreet authorized entry to hard-to-open doors on behalf of our clients. Our model provides a crucial ingredient multi-office firms just can’t deliver; access to top talent by discipline, segment, and niche markets, never blocked by growing and restrictive off-limits policies. 

Our Value Add