Bespoke Executive Search. Thoughtfully Executed. 

Allen Associates’ recommendations are based on years of cultivating business intelligence and bench marketing candidates at the most senior levels. Admittedly, we like a sense of balance and order. By design, our process is rigorous, thorough and timely. Each project is managed by a seasoned Managing Director and backed by ongoing internal research, without reliance on junior associates. 

The firm’s approach is collaborative; we’re connected to the influencers, have the ability to move freely and at times with tenacity to exceed client expectations. 

Simply put, our role is to craft and deliver dynamic leadership teams with cultural adaptability that will drive enterprise value. 

How We Deliver Leaders

We’ve been maintaining relationships with leaders in the markets we serve for over 25 years. This daily interaction enables us to stay abreast of movement and trends within these sectors, and provide valuable insight regarding opportunities that align with our client’s goals.

We track emerging talent in the marketplace and partner with our clients to deliver the right people, in the right places, at the right time. 

The Work. Centered & Purposeful.

We like keeping score and never confuse effort with results. We’ve developed and deploy a methodical approach with internal quality checkpoints and measureable actions throughout the process. Our approach is coupled with post search on-boarding dialogue to ensure a smooth transition. 



Immersed in Client Strategy, People and Culture.

Original Research

Launch Deep Internal Research. Target Companies, Leverage Executive Relationships.

Curate Candidates

Assess Competencies, Skills, Experience, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Fit, and Self-Awareness. Initiate First Reference.

Present Candidates

Client Interviews. Client and Candidate Debrief.

Fine Tune

Narrow Pool, Continue to Vet & Assess New Candidates, 360-Degree Referencing.

Finalist Selection

Develop Compensation Package, Extend Offer, Negotiate and Gain Agreement.


Work with Candidate Through Resignation, Begin On-Boarding for Successful Start.