Why Pizza Hut Is Returning To Their Old Logo


The original is back; Pizza Hut, America's first pizza chain is pivoting back to it's most famous, and iconic logo. 

In a bid for nostalgia, and to connect with the original 'book it' crowd of millions, the new red-roof logo has carefully undergone a few minor updates from the creative folks at GSD&M.

The logo will be displayed on product promotions, packaging and NFL ads to remind consumers of the company's long history. 

Building on their brand's legacy, and the their "OG of the pizza category position." 

Pizza Hut appeared on the scene in 1958, two years before competitor Domino's, and twenty-six years before Papa John's. 

Pizza Hut is a Yum! Brands company; and operates more than 18,000 restaurants in 100 countries.