Brands With Staying Power


Ever notice how some brands become go-to products and part of our daily life so seamlessly? Brands with staying power tend to engage, delight, and they create new or improved experiences.

Possibly most important, they deliver their pledge and brand message. Executing with a purpose and some have been around what seems like forever. Oreo, for example, has been on the scene for well over one-hundred years.

While other products have tried and failed to displace Oreo, the brand enjoys a global reputation for quality, freshness, and most certainly taste. Not one to rest on their laurels Mondelez International continues to execute award-winning ad and merchandising campaigns, flavors, holiday specials, and catchy tag-lines " How Do You Eat Your Oreos"? Which then became a topic of conversation.

Staying Relevant 

Several luxury goods providers such as Rolex, Mercedes, Tiffany & Company, Louis Vuitton, Porsche, and others have stayed on top of ever-changing consumer behaviors; delivering delight through product design, service execution and utilizing technology to make their offering better. Without losing their famous design cache.

Winning mainstay brands don't rest on their laurels. Major well-established brands like Wendy's, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Converse, Dr. Pepper ( a year older than Coke ) Quaker Oats, Crayola, Mountain Dew, and Levis Strauss continue to evolve daily by offering new options, a wide array of new and exciting products. Base building consumer interaction, updated and efficient locations, and selling channels.

Coke's Way Forward 


 Then there's the global favorite and household name; Coca-Cola saw how the world was changing, and adjusted accordingly. Operating as a total hydration company, they now have an extensive offering with 3,500 different beverages across 500 brands. And they sell everywhere with 1.7 billion coke products consumed daily.

While categories and channels may vary they all have common traits; they operate from an offensive position, are acutely tuned to customers, and leverage their customer knowledge to create a better experience by developing a bond. And are courageous enough to take an occasional risk.