Named by Forbes as one of "America's Best Executive Search Firms"

Allen Associates is a privately held, nationally ranked and recognized retained executive search firm with in-depth, full spectrum knowledge of Consumer-Facing Brands, Health, Fitness, & Wellness, Building & Home Products, Omni-Channel and, Private Equity Portfolio Leadership.

Leadership Creates Value

An innovative executive search studio that begins with asking one question. "What would you like to have happened"? Then we work backward from there. We've found that our "yes, if ..." mindset coupled with working in smaller, highly focused collaborative teams,  yields more openness, possibility, better results, and more engagement with the client. 

We simplify and distill very clearly the problem we are trying the solve in the most sincere expression possible. Our approach enables us to think and act as a stakeholder with the potential to move freely without the restrictive off-limits issues associated with multi-office firms. 

How Can We Help Your Business Perform Better?

We deliver high-profile C-suite and Senior Functional executives with the passion, energy, and talent to lead our clients into the future including; CEO, President and Division P&L Executives, Branding, Commercial, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Product, Supply Chain, Marketing, Merchandising, and Legal.

We Listen. We Advise. We Execute. 

We're obsessed with clarity and simplicity. Admittedly, we like a sense of balance and order.

By design, our process is rigorous, thorough, transparent, and timely. Every project and all client interface exclusively managed by a seasoned Managing Director and backed by ongoing internal research, without reliance on junior associates. Recommendations based on years of developing business intelligence and benchmarking candidates at the most senior levels.

Actions speak louder than words; at the end of what we do, the focus is results. 

Repeat Business Rate; 90% 

Nearly all of our clients have offered us additional projects. 

Verticals, And Our Process Explained 


"making those that believed in us look brilliant "


Corporate Client Contact

If you’re with an organization interested in opening a dialog regarding an upcoming leadership search or chat about the marketplace from our vantage point, please fill out and submit the form below. We will have a Managing Director make contact within two business days.

Docked in Cincinnati, serving clients throughout North America. 

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