Belief Driven Brands

Defined by a mindset and mission, challenger brands lead with belief and conviction to change the status quo. Customer expectations are continually in reset mode with digital technology and supply chain streamlining improving the customer experience. Challenger brands see themselves as outsiders taking a fresh look at a product or segment they believe is ripe for change. 

At its core, they challenge assumptions are focused on changing the status quo and revamping the customer experience.

Superbrands such as Amazon, Uber, Netflix, and others have redefined what it means to shop, watch a movie, and move freely around town. A shift in mindset, challenge to the norms, creative innovation often coupled with the need to spend less to accomplish more. 


Challenging Assumptions

Bold new brands, or yes, even a product offering or category segment  operating within a larger organization, all with a sense of purpose.

Casper which is changing the landscape of the mattress industry (Sleep. The new workout.) has made the process of choosing and purchasing a mattress painless and has snowballed to a $200M plus business.

Dozens of mid-level challengers like Brava Investments, which exclusively backs female-run start-ups, and Impossible Foods a plant-based burger that tastes as good as the best meat patty on the market, have essentially launched industry segments and change how we think about a specific sector. 

Clarity of Positioning

With the need to be innovative and nimble a challenger requires different thinking, strategy, and leadership to capture and maintain success.

We help brands understand and clarify their leadership needs, in real depth. By following the core opportunity, we’re able to build clarity around the need and work with the client to provide a sharper articulation around the brief. 

This transparency and buy-in enable us to deliver leaders with the personal traits, behaviors, and mindset to thrive in a challenger culture. And we love doing it. 

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