A Wholly Owned Subsiduary Of No One  

From the beginning, we set out to create the most effective, client centric model in the retained executive search industry. Delivering more insight and value to our clients, in less time.   

We see ourselves as a fiercely independent privately held firm, purveyors of exceptional executive talent. We have a deep working knowledge of the market, channels and disciplines. Further, we've cultivated a network of high value off-the-grid relationships with the top performers by segment. 

Our job isn’t to simply fill a management void; it’s to excite the client with new ideas, directions, possibilities, and of course high-powered leadership options. We strive to provide clarity and focus, never confusing hard work with results. 

The outcome; We have successfully conducted thousands of searches to closure, for an ever-growing client roster ranging from intriguing startups to multinationals.